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About Bully Banks

Bully-Banks is a not-for-profit campaign group. Our objective is to enable small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK to obtain redress for the mis-conduct of their banks. We are also working to change the conduct of banks in their dealings with SMEs. We provide practical help for members and we bring about change by Read More…

What can I do?

If you think you have been mis-sold a financial product or have suffered from bank misconduct, read on…. It is important that you complain to your bank. There are many reasons why this can be difficult, especially if you are complaining about the actions of current bank personnel, but it is important that you do. Read More…

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Interest Rate Hedging Product (IRHP) mis-selling

IRHPs are a type of derivative, ie. complex financial instruments. IRHP contracts were sold alongside business loans, supposedly to protect the customer against interest rate rises. The most widely sold type of IRHP is known as a vanilla swap, sometimes referred to as Interest Rate Swap Agreements (IRSAs). With this product, if interest rates go Read More…


Fixed Rate Loans

Has your business ever been sold a Fixed Rate Loan or Tailored Business Loan? Commercial Fixed Rate Loans usually have huge breakage costs. These breakage costs are in fact due to complex derivative products which were usually unsuitable for SMEs. These types of loans are referred to as Hidden Swaps (or sometimes Embedded Swaps). If Read More…

FCA IRHP Redress Scheme: Sophisticated Customers, Inappropriate Redress, Consequential Losses, Insolvent Customers, Clydesdale ‘In Scope’ Review

Over a third of the 30,000 sales of IRHPs to SMEs are excluded from the FCA Redress Scheme even though there is no dispute that a large number of these were also mis-sold.  Bully-Banks believes that the exclusion of these ‘sophisticated’ customers from the scheme is unfair and deliberate, and is a result of pressure Read More…


For more information on insolvency read our Insolvency FAQ or Glossary of Terms.

Bully-Banks Surveys

Bully-Banks regularly conducts survey of its members and has created some incredibly powerful data which we have utilised in our Parliamentary campaign. Please help us by completing our surveys when you are asked. We cannot understate the importance of our survey data in influencing opinion amongst MPs.

Bank Misconduct (pre-insolvency): Down-valuation, Overdraft Withdrawal, Business Support Units, LPA Receivership, Credit Factoring, Equity Participation

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Political Support: MPs, All Party Parliamentary Group, Treasury Select Committee

MP involvement Much of the progress so far has been as a result of MPs’ involvement. By engaging with their MPs, Bully-Banks members were highly influential in getting the issue of IRHP mis-selling addressed by the FCA. As a constituent you have a right to contact your MP about issues which concern you, and MPs Read More…

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